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Welcome to Our Site! Professional Landscape
Installation & Maintenance, Serving Reno & Sparks


Sprinklers/Irrigation Healthy public, commercial, and residential landscapes rely heavily on functional and appropriate sprinklers and irrigation systems. Without them, it’s almost next to impossible to keep turf, trees, shrub, groundcovers, and other plants to survive and thrive.

At Advanced Lawn and Landscape, we can address your landscape’s water supply needs to keep your plantings looking verdant and healthy all year long. We have worked on countless projects before and have made numerous clients happy with our provided results. If you think your greenery is lacking life due to poor irrigation and watering, then call us today.

Irrigation for Nevada Landscapes

Sprinklers/Irrigation Irrigation is a vital component of all healthy lawns and outdoor plants. Without the regular nourishment that it provides, your trees, turf, and decorative annuals and perennials will surely wither and die or have stunted growth. Our task is to ensure that this will never happen.

We will ensure that the right irrigation type gets installed on your property. Choosing the exact system to install will guarantee that your plantings will be hydrated regularly at the ideal level. Depending on your intended application and the topographical condition of your property, we could install a drip, sprinkler, or flood system. We provide free site assessment courtesy of our landscape installation team to fully determine your landscape’s watering requirement.

Using the best techniques and the finest materials, we can guarantee clients’ satisfaction with efficient and durable irrigation systems that will keep their lawns and yards immaculate no matter the season.

Functional and Effective Sprinkler Systems

When one speaks of irrigating landscapes, sprinklers are inevitable to discuss. Accordingly, we rank as one of Nevada's best providers of high-quality sprinkler systems for commercial and residential applications.

Our landscaping team will recommend and ultimately install the most ideal sprinkler system for your particular plant watering needs. We can use a pop-up, impact, gear-driven, and large turf rotor sprinkler heads. We could install wet or dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, or alternate system of sprinklers.

We recommend automated sprinkler heads that are fitted with sensors. Such sprinklers intelligently activate and deactivate based on pre-programmed parameters. They essentially work independently and require very minimal human manipulation, making them highly favored by property owners and landscape contractors.

Perfect Sprinklers and Irrigation

Sprinklers/Irrigation The need for efficient and sturdy sprinklers and irrigation systems can never be over-emphasized. The climate that Nevada has, they are actually inevitable if you want to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere courtesy of your greenery.

When you hire us, you’ll enjoy the same benefits that our previous clients continue to enjoy today. Having created some of the most effective sprinklers and irrigation systems in the state, we’re confident that we can work our magic on your property. We source our materials only from some of the most reputable manufacturers of irrigation supplies in the country – from pipes and motors to high-tech sprinklers.

So drop by our Harker Heights office and personally discuss with us your specific landscape irrigation needs. You could also call us to receive a faster response. We’ll be glad to schedule a visit to have a clear idea of your property’s topography, existing greenery, and the ideal system to install. Call us now.