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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting Outdoor lighting provides many wonderful benefits to Nevada property owners. For one, it makes a property safe during the night with the right illumination that it provides. Additionally, it can also enhance the beauty of any property and even make a certain area stand out just by the clever use and placement of lighting fixtures.

However, some residential and commercial property owners forego installing lighting fixtures, believing that adding more lights would only result in higher electricity bills. Others think that beautifying their outdoors using landscape lights may require a big budget – but we strongly disagree.

While it may be true that some lighting fixtures are expensive, there are cheaper and better options available for you. You only need to look for the right products and the best installers like us at Advanced Lawn and Landscape.

We are a landscaping company specializing in the design and installation of premium outdoor lighting. We've already handled several lighting projects involving residential, commercial, and public properties and we’re proud to say that all of our clients are more than satisfied with our installation’s results.

Outdoor Lighting Types that We Install

Outdoor Lighting At Advanced Lawn and Landscape, we provide our clients with professional and quality installation services. We can install different outdoor lighting fixtures that will blend perfectly with the landscape theme or architectural design of a home or commercial property.

Some of the lighting fixtures that we install include up lights, downlights, path lights, and specialty lights. These fixtures are used on specific areas in your property to improve the safety and functionality of the said areas. For example, path lights are only used on driveways, walkways, and garden steps to ensure that they will provide the right illumination in these areas. Downlights, on the other hand, are recommended in outdoor living areas such as the outdoor kitchen, patio, and pool deck.

Our Lighting Methods and Techniques

At Advanced Lawn and Landscape, we employ modern lighting techniques that will surely turn any dull landscape or outdoor area into a magnificent one. Some of the outdoor lighting methods that we use include:

  • Accent lighting. This lighting method emphasizes or draws attention to a specific area, architectural feature, or object in your landscape.

  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Uplighting. This is used to highlight a special feature overhead. It’s also perfect for creating focal points.

  • Downlighting. A technique commonly used to illuminate walkways, paths, or other landscape features on the ground such as a mini garden.

  • Path lighting. This method is primarily used on walkways and is used specifically to reveal steps, curves, and other design elements along pathways.

  • Moonlighting. With this technique, the lighting fixtures are mounted on trees to elegantly and dramatically simulate the reflection of light on the moon’s surface.

  • Silhouetting. This outdoor lighting method is used behind or below an object to make it appear like an outline against a lighter background.

Certified Outdoor Lighting Installers

Outdoor Lighting We don't just claim that we are skilled when it comes to the installation of various outdoor lighting. Your safety is our priority so we ensure that our installation team is composed of certified electricians who know their craft perfectly. We use only premium lighting products and accessories from our trusted partners. With certified installers and quality lighting fixtures, our Nevada clients are guaranteed that their properties will be free from faulty electrical connections and substandard materials.

Improve the safety, functionality, and beauty of your property by letting us install efficient and durable outdoor lighting. Call us now.