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Welcome to Our Site! Professional Landscape
Installation & Maintenance, Serving Reno & Sparks


Landscape Services, Reno, NV

Advanced Lawn & Landscape is a reputable landscaping contractor servicing residential and commercial customers in the Reno and Sparks area. We are known for our distinctive and valuable constructions that are imaginative and of excellent quality. We go above and above as a reputable and experienced firm to provide our customers with exceptional experiences. We achieve the perfect mix of quality, dependability, and price, ensuring that you get value every time you engage with us. Our staff can help you design new landscapes from scratch or add a few elements to an existing location. They will assist you with a selection of materials, paver installations, retaining walls, outdoor living features, and landscape installation and maintenance to enhance the aesthetic of your outdoor environment. Our comprehensive approach guarantees that the external parts of your company or home are functional, robust, and simple to maintain. Our expertise includes all aspects of hardscape design, layout, and construction, including numerous concrete elements. We provide the following landscaping services to both residential and commercial customers.


If you desire your patio area to be long-lasting and easy to maintain, you must pick suitable materials and combine them with the rest of your backyard's hardscaping. Pavers are an excellent material choice, and we endeavor to supply our clients with only the best products. As a full-service landscaping company, we construct high-quality paver decks, patios, driveways, walkways, paths, fire feature zones, and more. Because of the variety of paver products available on the market, we provide you with all the information you need to make an educated selection. Pavers come in various forms, sizes, colors, and patterns. Our experts will collaborate with you to design a patio and walks that connect to your backyard or landscape. We provide personalized patio paver installation at the most affordable cost, guaranteeing you have gorgeous outside areas at an exceptional value. Our knowledgeable team is committed to satisfying your unique business and residential patio requirements. Read More About Pavers >>


Retaining walls help prevent soil erosion and slope land-related landscaping challenges. They are often recommended for outdoor spaces with grading issues. By minimizing flooding difficulties, these superior supporting structures contribute immensely to the sustainability of your environment. Our team can create elements with built-in plants and seating to increase their attractiveness and utility. We will ensure that the retaining walls are solid and appealing, boosting your home's curb appeal. These constructions are often made of concrete, brick, wood, or natural stone. Our personalized approach to the job guarantees that you obtain a feature that meets your individual needs while complementing your current landscape design. We have completed hundreds of projects of all sizes and provide exceptional value with our well-planned and perfectly placed retaining walls. Our pros will assess your properties outside spaces before developing specific designs and strategies to match your demands. Read More About Retaining Walls >>


Most residential and business landscapes need careful planning and execution. If you want to attain the best outcomes possible, you should seek the services of reputable specialists like us. We approach and plan each project methodically with years of professional expertise in this sector. We prioritize giving great design ideas to customers while keeping costs down. Our highly qualified designers can help you plan and construct a modest home yard or a large commercial outdoor environment. We design the most appealing and valuable outdoor environments. Our ingenuity and experience add to the attractive look of your property. Our expert teams supervise every aspect of the process in line with industry standards, and we only use high-quality materials. We strive to exceed client expectations on every work and always provide guarantees on our services. Our dedication to offering tailored services and personalized attention to each client sets us apart from other businesses in the industry. Read More About Landscape Design & Installation >>


Once you've installed the perfect landscape, you'll need to work hard to keep it that way, which is where our expert landscape maintenance services come in. There are many packages to choose from, or you can request a custom-designed option. This guarantees you obtain your desired services at a price ideally within your budget. We will design each solution to your requirements and value customized service and individualized attention to every client. Business landscapes, like residential landscapes, require frequent maintenance. It boosts the property's value and makes a good impression on workers, customers, and clients. We work closely with you to determine your specific needs and provide solutions that meet those needs entirely. Our staff works hard to provide customers with the best solutions to fulfill their landscape care requirements. We are here to assist you regardless of how large or compact your outside area is. Read More About Landscape Maintenance >>


We understand that you want your exterior spaces to create a great impression therefore, we have landscape designers on board that concentrate on creating stunning landscape design ideas for your house. We will begin construction when you approve the landscaping plan, the final vision, and the materials to be utilized. We only use the most competent masons, paver installers and masons. Our on-site supervisors guarantee that the task is effectively finished. We stress using eco-friendly components and techniques, such as LED light fixtures, rain sensors, and drip irrigation systems. This philosophy, combined with various water and energy-conservation strategies and materials, allows us to create stunning and healthy outdoor spaces for our clients. We can help with softscaping design and hardscapes to create perfectly balanced outdoor spaces in your home. We use high-quality items and materials to construct appealing yet ecologically responsible outdoor environments that will give our customers years of delight. Read More About Landscaping >>


Putting one-of-a-kind outdoor elements throughout your home ensures that none of the places remain empty or unused. Designing and developing your outside space is a difficult task. Thus, hiring a company like ours is essential. We can handle such tasks since we have years of expertise in this industry and a team of highly experienced employees. Whether you want an open kitchen, gazebo, fire pit, or grill, our design team will build a feature that adds functionality while also increasing the value of your house. These characteristics are created with long-term benefits, durability, aesthetic appeal, and resilience. This personal approach and services ensure that the external components are uniquely yours. Our industry-leading combination of pricing, quality, and reliability sets us apart from our rivals in this field. Our staff will collaborate with you to guarantee that the result matches your objectives and vision. Read More About Outdoor Living >>


Outdoor lighting is one of many aspects that contribute to creating different landscapes. It's an essential part of landscape architecture that many homeowners overlook, diminishing the efficacy of their beautiful surroundings. You can't produce a great impact by just turning on the lights surrounding your home. We use a range of landscaping elements to improve the ambiance of your home. Lighting not only highlights and enhances the most significant features of your landscape, but it also completes the design of your house. Our customers can rely on us to supply high-quality choices for all outdoor lighting systems. We understand how to strategically install lights to provide the most refined outdoor lighting impact for your house or company. We provide superior subsurface lighting to illuminate ponds and waterfalls on your property, adding the best outdoor lighting. Our team is mindful of factors like energy efficiency, so you can be sure that these fixtures will be of the highest quality. Read More About Outdoor Lighting >>


Although concrete appears to be a "boring" or "commercial" looking material, we can employ it to create attractive outdoor environments in our customers' homes in various ways. Here are a few concrete hardscaping ideas to help you transform your outdoor spaces fast and economically. Homeowners and developers recognize the value of integrating concrete into their designs and concepts. Decorative concrete transforms ordinary grey concrete into organic-looking flooring, expensive-looking tiled terraces, and weather-resistant outdoor kitchen worktops, among other things. Decorative concrete/cement enables you to select which shade gives your patio or pool deck the appearance of Spanish tiles at a fraction of the expense. It's an inexpensive method to improve the aesthetic of your outdoor kitchen. We provide solutions for textured concrete, colored concrete, embossed concrete, flatwork, and poured concrete. Our company has the resources, expertise, experience, and skills to tackle all big and small concrete works to industry standards. Read More About Concrete >>


Landscape sprinkler/irrigation systems are essential components. Our company has renovated and expanded various irrigation systems for residential and business customers throughout the area. We not only assist with the finest equipment and materials, but we also design and construct your irrigation system carefully. We use the finest irrigation products on the market to ensure they last an extended period. The key goal is to ensure that your landscape gets the proper water at the correct times. It benefits the health and longevity of your plants, trees, and grass. We install soaker hoses, automatic sprinkler systems, and current drip irrigation systems after properly inspecting the environment or yard. We also handle irrigation system upgrades and extensions as required and assist in maintaining these features. You get all your irrigation services under one umbrella, which is a huge benefit. We use proven sprinkler systems that perform well and last long. Read More About Sprinklers/Irrigation >>


You may boost the look of your outside spaces with these stunning outdoor upgrades. We provide the best pergola and gazebo design and installation services available. They not only enhance the overall visual appeal of the garden but are also quite helpful in increasing the accessible outdoor areas. These are reinforced by beams and feature latticed ceilings. A pergola may also refer to an arbor-like walkway supported by supports and covered with trellises. You can pass the day outdoors if you plant different plants on them to give shade. A gazebo can easily become the focal point of your outdoor space. Its beautiful structure readily catches the attention. Gazebos are typically octagonal, although rectangular or circular, and modern versions are also available. We provide dependable, customizable, and reasonably priced outdoor structures, built to last. Our team will plan and design these structures to look great and serve their purpose well. Read More About Pergolas/Gazebos >>


We offer specialized power washing services. Our team will pressure wash all your property's roadways, paths, and walks, and we will thoroughly clean the hardscape features in the landscaping. Pressure washing removes all the tenacious stains and markings. All the cleaning chemicals are of the finest quality, and despite their strength, they do not hurt the surfaces being cleaned. You may hire us to power wash your exterior walls and hard-to-reach areas of the home structure efficiently. We make the whole procedure very safe, so it helps our clients maintain clean outdoor spaces. Keep in mind that various surfaces need different degrees of pressure. When you employ specialists like us, you can be sure that we will do the work to the highest levels. Our trained crew will ensure that all surfaces are clean and appear as new as possible. We can handle pressure washing of smaller residential hardscapes and extensive commercial properties as well. Read More About Pressure Washing >>


Almost all landscaping jobs need some excavation and digging. These jobs need careful preparation and must be completed safely and correctly. Our firm offers comparable services for landscape improvements, extensions, and excavation for new gardens and drainage systems. We assist customers with their landscaping jobs, cleaning any sand and other waste left behind after excavation or repair jobs. We employ modern hauling vehicles and have a highly competent team. Whether you require hauling solutions for a yard makeover or a more significant landscaping job, we have you covered. Our company serves individual homeowners as well as contractors or specialists working on landscaping works. Our crew will collaborate with the other employees on-site to ensure that the task is completed to your satisfaction. As previously said, we operate systematically and effectively without rushing or compromising safety. Read More About Excavation/Hauling >>


If you want your patio to last for many years while being low maintenance, you must select suitable materials and all the other hardscaping elements in your property. Patio pavers are an excellent material option, and we only recommend products of the finest quality to our customers. As a full-service landscaping operator, we provide high-quality patio design and construction. Because there are so many kinds of paving materials available, we provide you with all the facts you need to choose the best one for you. Pavers are available in various shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. Our team will work with you to create a stunning promenade or entrance. We provide personalized paver patio solutions at the most reasonable prices, which ensures you get beautiful outdoor environments while saving money. Our crew is available to meet your specific needs for residential and business patios. Read More About Patios >>


We design and construct drainage systems as part of our landscaping services. This is, indeed, a crucial part of the whole project. We also service customers that need drainage system improvements, and our competent and well-planned solutions ensure that the problem of pooling water is resolved. Because each environment is unique, we create individual landscape drainage plans for each one. We design and install a variety of drains, including channel drainages, area drainage channels, and French gutters. We help avoid problems like water pooling and flooding because we design landscape drainage and stormwater system solutions for your environment. We use high-quality products and have highly skilled and experienced personnel on staff who can handle even the most challenging drainage installation operations. You may expect high-quality drainage systems that are within your budget. Our company collaborates with you to guarantee that you are entirely delighted with the finished facilities. Read More About Drainage Solutions >>

We have the expertise and insight to design and build numerous masonry pieces as well as develop stunning landscapes on your property. With our assistance, you'll discover that your outside spaces seem more spruced up and pleasant throughout the year. Our company has earned a reputation for excellence in hardscape design, building, installation, and maintenance. We have extensive industry knowledge and the ability to create unique solutions. We employ only the highest-quality materials and installation techniques to create low-maintenance, unique outdoor environments. This method provides tremendous value to our customers when paired with our commitment to quality, and we guarantee that customers get exceptional features using minimal maintenance. Please call Advanced Lawn & Landscape at 775 329-2233. You can also send us your requirement through this Online Form, and one of our team members will call you back to discuss your requirements.