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Welcome to Our Site! Professional Landscape
Installation & Maintenance, Serving Reno & Sparks


Concrete Among today's most used landscaping and construction materials is concrete. This particular building material is practically everywhere – from public buildings and offices to private residences and commercial establishments. And when it comes to handling projects involving the said material, our personnel at Advanced Lawn and Landscape are among Nevada's most trusted and skilled people.

Our company has been providing a complete range of professional services involving the use of concrete in commercial and residential properties in many Nevada areas. We have worked on numerous projects that have earned our clients' overwhelming approval.

So if you're searching for a company that you can trust to handle your specific concrete works requirement, please call us today.

Concrete Works that We Tackle

As an experienced contractor who has already worked on various concrete works in the state, we can address every imaginable task that clients like you may require, including the design and creation of:

  • Flooring. We don't just create generic-looking concrete floors – we build attention-grabbing ones. We use various decorative methods such as staining and stamping to ensure that your flooring will not only be functional but attractive as well.

  • Walls. Walls should display incredible strength – and this material is just the perfect one to use. Whether it's a wall for your house or one for your perimeter, rest assured that we will create walls that are exceptionally tough, yet easy on the eyes.

  • Sitting areas/benches. Have spots to rest following a leisurely walk or just huddle with your family or friends with strategically positioned sitting areas in your outdoors.

  • Foundations. Any home or business establishment should have a strong foundation for it to survive natural calamities and damages caused by normal wear and tear. Accordingly, we can build you durable foundations to keep your property safe.

  • Decks. Pool decks should be slip-resistant to avoid any untoward incident since pool areas are constantly wet and slippery. With the right construction method, we can ensure just that – pool decks that are safe for everyone to walk on.

  • Driveways. Driveways should withstand heavy vehicle traffic while at the same time look stunning. We have both concerns covered.

We can handle other related tasks. Just tell us what your needs are and we'll handle them.

Our Advantages

Concrete In any of our concrete works, we always strive to employ methods that ensure added beauty and functionality to any property. For example, we use decorative techniques such as concrete stamping and staining. Stamping is essentially creating an imprint on wet concrete to achieve a specific design or look. Stamping can be used on patios and home interiors. Staining, on the other hand, entails using dyes to mimic more expensive materials like marble or granite. It is best used for interior floor surfaces.

We also have expert masons who are all certified, trained, and experienced to handle all kinds of tasks. They can work on commercial and residential projects and can effectively handle creating customized concrete structures, big or small. Best of all, we provide a warranty for our projects so you are assured of quality results made possible by top materials and the best building techniques, equipment, and tools.

Hire us today.