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Tree Service

Tree Service The sturdiest and healthiest tree can rot and deteriorate without proper care and attention. When this happens, the once beautiful and majestic tree becomes unpleasant and may even pose dangers to people and other structures in your property. This is why an excellent tree service is necessary to keep your tree’s health and beauty.

Benefits of Tree Maintenance

Aside from keeping the beauty of the trees in your property, a regular tree service also promotes a tree’s health, provides safety to you and your loved ones, and protects your home from undesirable pests.

The Need for Certified Arborists

Anyone with a chainsaw and the necessary tools and equipment for tree care can claim that they are arborists. However, only licensed arborists can guarantee work of the highest quality because they have been formally trained, acquired experience, and passed the required standards set by the International Society of Arboriculture.

Our Offered Tree Services

We at Advanced Lawn and Landscape have licensed arborists and workers who are qualified to recommend and perform tree services like:

  • Trimming. Tree limbs and branches growing near power lines are accidents waiting to happen. Prevent them from hurting you and your loved ones by availing our tree trimming services. We also recommend this to protect your trees during typhoon or snow seasons.

  • Tree Service
  • Pruning. Pruning could serve any of these purposes: remove the diseased sections of a tree to prevent further infection, train a tree to achieve a desired shape or direction, and obtain samples for a nursery. Whichever your purpose is, our tree service team can perform the task with ease and positive results.

  • Relocation. We recommend this for younger trees that grow very near power lines, crowd other trees, or block the route of a drainage system.

  • Tree Removal. This only becomes necessary when a tree becomes a safety hazard to lives and properties such as those that are brought down by a typhoon’s heavy winds.

  • Stump grinding. Stumps must be removed completely to prevent them from becoming tripping hazards. They may also turn into breeding grounds for harmful insects, rodents, and microorganisms that may damage other trees and your home as well.

  • Cabling or bracing. We reinforce the weak branches or limbs of a tree by cabling or bracing them to the trunk.

  • Preventive maintenance. As they say, early detection and prevention is the best cure for all diseases. We will check your tree’s progress and apply natural herbicides and fertilizers to make it healthier and more resistant against diseases.

  • Tree planting. Since we are also from Nevada, we know which trees will thrive most in our soil and climate.

Trust the Tree Experts

Tree Service We strongly suggest against doing tree service in a DIY manner because a lot of debilitating and even fatal accidents have been linked to it. Besides, hiring professionals can be a lot cheaper than buying costly tools, heavy equipment, and safety gear.

And why do it yourself when there are experienced contractors like us who can perform the tree service job?

We can do the job more carefully and systematically to ensure that no accidents or damages will occur during the project. Contact us today so that we can make an initial assessment on the maintenance requirements of your trees.

Cities that are served in Nevada (NV):
  • Reno, NV
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